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10-Strike Network Diagram10-Strike Network Diagram - Create network maps with this powerful network diagrammer. Draw a LAN topology.

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Name10-Strike Network DiagramVersion2.3
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedDec 22, 2016
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 9, 2013
Category Internet » NetworkPlatform Windows
Short description Create network maps with this powerful network diagrammer. Draw a LAN topology.

Developer's description

10-Strike Network Diagram is a powerful [KW]network diagrammer and mapper [/KW]for the quick creation of visual [KW]local-area network maps[/KW] and diagrams and saving it as Microsoft Visio charts, vector or raster images. The application [KW]scans a local area network[/KW] via the ICMP, TCP, and SNMP protocols, automatically builds a graphical network map, displays devices of different types as special icons, and draws links between them. The cornerstone of the application is a convenient, feature-rich graphic editor and an object library; a wide range of network device icons, "stretching" lines and areas of different forms. In addition, the software offers a wide choice of colors, fonts, and fillings for graphic primitives. All these means can make your network maps and diagrams better-looking.[KW][/KW]

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